Canal boat hire services

We pride ourselves on providing fast and affordable canal boat rental services to anyone who requires them.
We provide canal boat hire services in Nottingham. Billy’s Boat Hire is a company that provides various types of canal boat hire for different purposes. Billy’s Boat Hire offers a fast interceptor craft hiring service, a high-speed fibre boat hiring service and an ISPS security patrol boat hiring service. Billy’s Boat Hire also offers charter of speed boats, patrolling boats, and cruises as well as a guided tour service.

Canal boat hire services are a specialised type of boat that Billy’s Boat Hire offers. Billy’s Boat Hire provides vessels for both the Interception Craft and Patrol Boat services to ensure law enforcement on canals, waterways and locks. The high-speed fibre boat is a type of canal craft used to patrol large sections of water surface, ensuring safety at all times on behalf of Billy’s Boat Hire customers.

Benefits of canal boat hire services

-Canal boats offer cheap rates at affordable prices.

-Billy’s Boat Hire has decades of experience.

Another benefit is that Billy’s Boat Hire is a trusted name in the canal boat hire industry.

-Billy’s Boat Hire can provide fast response rates, as we have skilled boat operators who will be able to respond quickly should an incident arise.

The Billy’s Boat Hire team are always happy to help and support our customers with any enquiries they may have about our services or boats.

Various types of services we offer and what is involved in each one

Fast Interceptor Craft Hiring Service

This service is for high-speed craft interception and speed boat patrol to keep the canal system safe.

High-Speed Fibre Boat Hiring Service

This service hires out fibre boats which are ideal for touring, cruising or leisure activities on our canals.

ISPS Security Patrolling Boat Hiring service

Billy’s Boat Hire offers a security patrolling boat hire service as part of our portfolio of services that we provide to clients to ensure their safety and peace of mind whilst they enjoy themselves on one of our waterways.

Charter of a speed boat

Billy’s Boat Hire also offers chartering services where you can explore more distant destinations at your own pace with an experienced skipper who has extensive knowledge of the local area and knows the best areas for wildlife spotting. Billy’s Boat Hire can offer a fast interceptor craft hire service to ensure that any security threats are dealt with swiftly and efficiently.

Cruises and guided tour services

Billy’s Boat Hire also offers cruises on our canal boat hire services where you can explore more distant destinations at your own pace with an experienced skipper who has extensive knowledge of the local area and knows the best places for spotting wildlife, as well as nearby attractions such as museums or galleries that will appeal to all types of visitors-from families to couples looking for something different! Billy provides a varied range of canal boat hire services, ranging from fibre boats, which are ideal for touring or leisure activities, to high-speed fibre boats, perfect for the more active or those with a budget in mind, and Billy’s Boat Hire also offers a fast interceptor craft hiring service to increase security on our canal boat hire services.


Where to go and what to do?

There are many attractions in Nottingham, so please check our website or phone Billy on 07957296840 before booking a canal boat hire service with us!

Can I pay my balance online?

Yes, Billy’s Canal Boat Hire services provide customers with the option to pay their balances online via PayPal.

Can I hire a boat just for the day?

Yes, Billy’s Canal Boat Hire service is able to provide a service for just one day.

Where can I moor?

Billy’s Boat Hire has mooring points all along the route. Billy will show you on his map where these are and how to use them when you collect your boat.

What are the toilets on board like?

The Billy’s Boat Hire fleet has toilets on board. They are standard flushable portable toilets, with a lid that covers the toilet seat and is closed when not in use to stop odours from spreading.

How fast does the boat go?

Boats typically travel at about two knots (around three miles per hour). If you would like to go faster than this, then Billy can provide extra horsepower from his tractor unit, which will be charged separately. Please note: Billy cannot exceed canal speed limits!

Do you have any boats with wheelchair access?

Billy does not offer canal boat hire or tours that are fully accessible for those in wheelchairs, but he will do his best to accommodate them where possible and offers lower deck seating on some of our boats.

What should I wear and what should I bring with me?

You should wear the type of clothes you would normally wear for the day (ideally waterproof) and bring with you any items that are essential to your enjoyment of Billy’s Boat Hire.

How much water can the boats store?

The boats usually carry about 15 cubic metres of fresh water at a time-enough for an average family outing. Please note: this includes toilets, which will use up some of the capacity when flushed. The number varies depending on how quickly they’re used, as well as size and shape etc.

How do I operate locks?

The lock operation is simple, but it can be quite scary at first! The lock doors need to be opened before we enter so that water from upstream can flow in, then they should close after Billy pushes a button inside the cabin whilst reversing into the spaces with dams on either side of him-this ensures Billy doesn’t get sucked out of one half of the space by getting too close to the dam walls or pushed against them if he reverses too quickly. Once both pairs of doors are closed, Billy needs to push a red button only.